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For bands, singers, players, producers and teachers

Purple Noise can give you a regular home for rehearsals, solo practice, writing or jam sessions.

We have two fully-equipped spaces, in Trowbridge and Frome, with everything you need to make music.

Our rooms are also great places to teach and learn music, and we welcome instrumental teachers and groups who want an inspiring environment for music learning.

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THE LOFT @Trowbridge Town Hall

Located at the top of Trowbridge's iconic Town Hall, The Loft is a bright, spacious room ideal for writing, group sessions and classes.

The Loft is equipped for digital recording, with a soundproof recording booth, synths, professional monitoring, plus 4 iMac workstations, instruments and a variety of audio equipment to inspire music-makers. It's also a great place for podcasters and streamers.


We have full access to the Town Hall's various beautiful and unique spaces, as well as the Free Range Cafe downstairs.



The Yard, located in the Marston Trading Estate, close to the centre of Frome, is a small but perfectly-formed practice room, set up as the ideal place for bands, producers and writers to use as a regular base.

It's fully equipped with PA, mics, drum kits, backline and keyboards, as well as a Mac Pro and a pair of turntables. You can just turn up and play, and we do great deals for regular users.

The top-class Tool & Gauge cafe is a minute away, and there's parking right outside.

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