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Our Community Interest Statement


Purple Noise is incorporated as a Community Interest Company (CIC). CICs are run for the benefit of communities, rather than for the profit of individuals, and any surpluses are reinvested into continuing those community benefits


Our community

Purple Noise exists to benefit local music and arts communities, especially children, young people, and those with limited access to the resources that they need to make the music they love.

What We Do

Purple Noise provides:

  • Spaces in which the community can create music themselves, including production, project and rehearsal spaces

  • Affordable spaces for local music teachers to provide their services

  • High—quality equipment and software to support music-making, including production and recording

  • Supervised environments for young people to come together and make the music they want to make

  • Guidance to help people improve their music-making skills

  • Music workshops and education, especially in rock, pop and urban music, covering performance, composition, production, technical, organisational and practical skills related to the music industry


We will also aim to:

  • Develop structured courses linked to qualifications

  • Provide networking opportunities and resources for local educators and musicians

  • Encourage and facilitate “Do It Yourself” music-making events with community and young musicians, in conjunction with community venues and organisations


How our activities benefit our communities

  • By providing high-quality resources for music-making that are not readily accessible to many people

  • By creating supportive environments to bring people - especially young people - together in positive creative activities in areas of music they have a love for

  • By bringing in experienced and skilled musicians, music industry professionals and educators to those who might find this know-how difficult to access

  • By focusing on areas or styles of music that appeal directly to young people and others, but where organised resources and education might be less accessible or affordable

  • By aiming to subsidise access to resources for those with limited means

  • By establishing physical hubs for community music and music education networking

  • By developing musical abilities and associated practical and life skills through our workshops, courses and other activities

  • By increasing broad awareness of music in all its forms, building connections between scenes, styles, roles and with other creative communities

  • By providing activities for families and children outside school/home environments

  • By providing education and development for home-schooling communities

  • By promoting and encouraging the love for music and music-making that everyone has in them.

  • By getting more music out into the world!


Surpluses made by Purple Noise will

  • Maintain and update existing musical equipment and software, including rare vintage equipment of educational interest

  • Be invested in new technologies so that our communities can have access to current tools and techniques

  • Train our staff to keep them up to date with developments in music, teaching methods and tools so that they can continue providing the best guidance and education.

  • Support and extend our teaching resources (people and tools) in both scale and scope to maximise our ability to to support, guide and teach.

  • Expand and develop our facilities and spaces where this can increase the resources available for music-making in our communities

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