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Group classes and drop-in workshops

If you're looking to learn in a friendly social setting at a lower cost than one-to-one teaching, or if you want to work on your skills or music using the best equipment and software, with some expert advice on hand to help, then look out for our regular workshops at The Loft (Trowbridge) .

Our workshops include: 

  • Learn to DJ with Nina LoVe (12-16)

  • Beats & Bars for producers and vocalists, with access to our vocal booth and digital studio (12+)

  • Music production

Drop us a mail for more details or to register your interest.

Vinyl DJ mixing lesson Nina Love.jpg

Learning where you want


We are happy to come to your home, school or business for one-to-one or group sessions. This might include:

- Home-based music lessons

- Music-making sessions for team-building or just for laughs (make a band; record a song; put on a show)

- School-based music technology teaching/technical support

- Advice on your home studio setup

Get in touch if you want to talk about teaching or learning from Purple Noise.

Music classes tuition education

One-to-one tuition


As musicians, we're always learning. From young music fans who want to learn to mix, live musicians looking to discover music tech, to DJs wanting to make their own track, and producers looking to expand their musical range, we offer tuition in a number of areas of music technology, songwriting, music theory and musicianship.

We can work at your own pace, or towards recognised awards like Rockschool grades and the Arts Award when the time is right. We can also link you up with specialist teachers to focus on particular instruments and skills..

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