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Learning for everyone

We've never met anyone who doesn't enjoy music in some form, and we're passionate about helping you make the most of it, whatever your taste, age, experience or ability level.

Our specialities are rock, pop and electronic music, and we teach keyboard skills, sound design & production, music technology & production, theory & composition, songwriting and DJing, but our connections with specialist teachers mean we can help you get started or pick up the trail in any instrument or aspect of music

Why not come and see us for a FREE 30-minute signposting session with one of our advisors? We'll have an informal chat about the music you love and help you take the next steps.

Music classes tuition education
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One-to-one music lessons

Getting the right guidance to match your musical goals, experience, skills and learning needs can be tricky. That's why one-to-one learning is often the best route. At Purple Noise we tailor lessons and learning plans to suit each individual. We welcome students of all ages and abilities, and especially those with neurodiversity and mental health challenges.

We can work informally, towards your own target, or towards recognised awards like Rockschool grades and the Arts Award.  Our tutors cover a wide range of specific and general musical skills and instruments. And if we don't teach something ourselves, we'll refer you to a trusted specialist at the right level for you.

Group sessions

If you're looking to learn in a friendly social setting at a lower cost than one-to-one teaching, or if you want to work on your skills or music using the best equipment and software, with some expert advice on hand to help, then look out for our regular workshops and dropin sessions at The Loft (Trowbridge) .

Our group sessions include: 

  • Learn to DJ with Nina LoVe (12-16)

  • Beats & Bars for young producers and vocalists, with access to our vocal booth and digital studio (12+)

  • Beats & Bars Social for older producers in an informal environment

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Learning where you are


Our studios are inspiring places to learn and teach. But we are also very happy to come to you, and to tailor sessions to fit the goals of your group or organisation. This includes:

  • School-based music and music technology teaching/technical support, adding to and complementing your curriculum

  • Music-making with home-schooling groups, community groups and events

  • Music-making sessions for team-building or just for laughs (make a band; record a song; put on a show)

  • Home-based music lessons

  • Help with setting up your home studio

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