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We're open and the rooms are available, and we're very happy to be able to welcome you all back, but we have to be careful to keep everyone safe, legal and healthy.


Our studio can be considered COVID-SECURE, subject to the risks, rules and guidance set out here.

What we're doing:

  • The Your Storage Space building is mostly contactless. If you are either escorted or have an access fob (which all regular users do), you shouldn't have to touch anything until you get to the studio door.

  • There is hand sanitiser next to the main door (in Town Hall foyer, or inside the Yard's door). Please use it before and after using any keypads.

  • We clean all studio surfaces and ventilate the room on each day prior to any bookings

  • An air purifier and fan will be in operation intermittently through the day to keep air moving and clean

  • Microphone shield covers are provided for individual use, to reduce the risk of spreading the virus

  • Bookings are limited to groups of 4 or less to ensure healthy social distancing

  • We're spreading bookings out a bit more so there is time between sessions for venting/cleaning rooms

What we ask you to do:

  • Please make sure you stick to government regulations and recommendations, particularly around social gatherings indoors: who is in the room during your booking is your responsibility. Links can be found below.

  • Be clear as to why you are you using the room and who you are (!). Depending on the current Tier, there are different government rules for professional and non-professional rehearsals, and on whether you are from different households. It is your responsibility to use the room in a lawful, safe and considerate way.

  • Let us know the names and contact details of everyone who will be using the studio before you come. We will only use these details for contact tracing if needed, and will delete any personal information after 1 month unless the individuals agree to stay in contact with us.

  • Please use the hand sanitiser provided before touching the door. Use it again when you leave.

  • Please wear face coverings if that is possible while you play

  • Please try to maintain distance between each other as much as you can

  • Please use the disinfectant wipes on the desk to wipe any surfaces used, including keyboards.

  • If you are using our microphones, please take a windshield cover from the selection provided, and put it on the mic before you roar into it. You can keep it, take it home with you, put your name on it, and use it on future visits. Choose your colour carefully, you will be judged.

  • Feel free to use the instruments in the room, but if you could drop us a line before or afterwards to tell us if you've used anything other than amps, mics (with your covers on) and the mixing desk, we'll take extra care to clean them before others use them.

  • Don't come if you have any COVID-19 symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who has.

  • If you develop symptoms after coming in, please tell us straight away!

What we recommend you do (but you don't have to):

  • Leave the door open. We generally only take bookings outside normal business hours, so there are no neighbours to annoy. If you keep the door open, the air circulates more freely and widely. Our music space is an enclosed room and not well-ventilated, so extra care needs to be taken by us all.

  • Turn on a fan. This moves the air around more freely, which is better.

  • Imagine that you have the virus without knowing it, and act so as to protect those around you.

What are the rules?

Please check the following links, which will help you get an up-to-date view of what you can and can't do

Government official guidance and rules on COVID-19, including current Tier restrictions, are HERE.

Specific guidance and rules from the government on Performing Arts activities are HERE.

And HERE is some very good guidance from the Musicians Union.

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